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We understand the unique needs of your firm and will tailor a highly specialized solution to meet those needs. ModernThink can:

  • Facilitate workshops at firm retreats, including Leading Your Firm from Good to Great
  • Measure partner and employee engagement
  • Conduct pulse surveys on issues that arise within the firm
  • Gather client feedback
  • Advance post-merger or post-acquisition integration
  • Facilitate strategic planning
  • Coach Managing Partners and Executive Committee members on topics including soft skills, supervising individuals, leadership, and understanding the business of law


Advantages of partnering with ModernThink are:

  • Improved outcomes by understanding and addressing your firm’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Enhanced communication and trust by soliciting — and then acting on — feedback from your entire workforce
  • Risk mitigation by uncovering unknown threats
  • Recruitment and retention of top talent among both legal and non-legal staff
  • Improved client service and retention
  • Reduced turnover with increased desired exits
  • Data-driven strategic planning by benchmarking against peers and learning best practices from other firms

You will glean insight into the quality of your workplace experience and how your unique firm culture influences client service, and ultimately client loyalty. You also get to benchmark against peer firms and learn how others are meeting the challenges presented in today’s increasingly competitive market. Through our survey and consulting work, we help firm leaders eliminate barriers to partner and employee engagement, enhance client service and ultimately improve the bottom line.turn_over_cost

Turnover costs are often estimated to be 100%-300% of the base salary of replaced employees.


ModernThink has been a vital resource to the legal community. A sample of our work includes the following:

    • Partnering with the American Bar Association’s ("ABA") Litigation Section on the Raise the Bar project, ModernThink accomplished the following:
      • Conducting focus groups with attorneys cross the country to gauge perceptions about the following topics:
        • Shrinking loyalty among partners and associates
        • Lack of management training and succession planning for firm leaders
        • High cost of turnover
        • Hurdles associated with recruiting and retaining diverse talent
        • Absence of metrics related to management and human capital
        • Gender Gap
      • Publishing a chapter in the ABA book Raise the Bar: Real World Solutions for a Troubled Profession
      • Convening a blue ribbon panel of legal industry experts to develop a culture / climate survey and assessment tool specifically geared towards the unique needs of law firms

Percentage of Positions at Law Firms by Gender in the U.S.

  • Guiding long range planning processes, ModernThink has created strategic plans for multiple legal organizations’ including ABA affiliates, American Bar Endowment (ABE) and American Bar Insurance (ABI).
  • Working one-on-one with law firms, ModernThink helps them understand how their People Practices are either enhancing or inhibiting their client service.
  • Sharing our expertise at key events including those listed below, ModernThink helps firm leaders understand industry trends and best practices:
    • The ABA Annual Meeting
    • The ALA Retreat for Legal Administrators at Large Law Firms
    • The ABA Section of Law Practice Management’s Staff Retreat

Client Testimonials

We completed the ModernThink [Law Firm Insight Survey] last year and recently received our report. I never imagined that we would get so much detailed data back from a simple and rather painless process. This has helped us identify some important issues that we will want to address. . . I think it is a fascinating and very powerful tool that can really help a law firm improve the quality of its work environment . . .Now we are very glad we have this information at the start of our new year.”

~ Gary Sasso, President and CEO, Carlton Fields, P.A

After receiving the results from our Law Firm Insight Survey] we have made several very positive changes especially in regards to the area of communication. I am very excited that we have taken the feedback and tried to use it constructively. . .Your survey is a wonderful business tool. . .”

~ Janet Broadway, Director of Human Resources, Sands Anderson Marks & Miller

Leaders. . . must consider many factors when attempting to bring about positive change. Knowing where to start is essential. Working with ModernThink’s Insight Survey and OD experts was invaluable. I was able to see what was working well and what areas needed immediate attention. Being able to benchmark against our peers . . . was informative, and enabled me to prioritize resources and improve our planning process.”

~ Paul Forestell, Provost, Long Island University