Does your organization’s culture advance or undermine your mission? Is your climate one that empowers or undercuts your employees or other constituents, or segments thereof? As Organizational Development (OD) experts, ModernThink can help you find out and, if warranted, make data-driven course corrections.

When implemented well, the four step process outlined below becomes a self-sustaining cycle for continual process improvement, helping you to quickly and efficiently advance organizational goals.
Our 4 Step Process

We take a highly consultative approach with each of our clients to ensure that we understand your specific needs and adjust our range of services to achieve your desired outcomes. Depending on your organization’s size and internal talent, we’ll engage only to the extent we add value given your unique circumstances. Whether we’re involved in a comprehensive assignment or an ad hoc project, our process is simple, and our impact profound.


Want to know what’s on your people’s minds? It literally pays to ask them. Every single time, you’ll learn things that will help you run your organization more productively, more efficiently, and more compliantly. Occasionally you’ll even uncover hidden risks, ones that you will want to get well out in front of and proactively mitigate.

Let the experts at ModernThink craft a strategic and integrated Listening Campaign, one tailored to meet your organization’s unique objectives. We’ll combine a variety of assessment tools to diagnose the health and well-being of your climate and culture. Our most common techniques include one-on-one interviews, focus groups, feedback sessions and surveys. Each method is designed to assess the degree to which leadership practices, institution policies, organizational dynamics and key relationships are influencing the following:

  • Day-to-day experiences
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Engagement
  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Risk

Our principal tools are a series of proprietary industry-specific surveys, the nationally normed and highly tested Insight Surveys©. Having been used by over 6,000 organizations across the country, these surveys help pinpoint with laser precision areas that are working well and others in need of improvement. Armed with new knowledge and insight, your leaders will be able to prioritize and direct scarce resources to the projects and initiatives that are needed the most.

As an independent, neutral third party, ModernThink lends credibility and objectivity to the process, thereby boosting confidence in the results. We control all aspects of data collection, storage and reporting and take numerous measures to protect confidentiality. We want to get you the highest response rates and most candid feedback possible.


Gathering the raw data is a critical first step. Converting that data into actionable information requires context, meaningful comparisons and expert advice. ModernThink provides all three.

As a nationally recognized OD, research and consulting leader, ModernThink has its fingers on the pulse of the latest trends in organizational assessment and development. We provide the context that brings the quantitative and qualitative data to life. In addition, we have robust benchmarking and best practice databases in a variety of industries including higher education, legal and healthcare. Comparing to peers enables your organization to get a much clearer picture of where it stands and how it can improve.

Our seasoned analysts and skilled consultants will provide no nonsense, easy-to-understand feedback regarding how your culture and climate rate on the spectrum of excellence.

Action Planning

The next crucial step in enhancing organizational culture is acknowledging the results of the assessment, defining key priorities for improvement, and then aligning the leaders and the rest of the workforce around the initiatives that will drive the desired changes. ModernThink provides a framework for converting your findings into a road map towards a healthy culture and operational excellence.

Using our consultants as your expert guides and our far-reaching benchmarking and best practice database, ModernThink will help create a strategic plan for measurable improvement. The plan will outline specific strategies and tactics to drive the desired changes. Together, we would establish specific measurable goals, assign owners, set interim and final deadlines, and establish the measures of success.


People do what is measured, especially in this post-recession era when everyone is trying to do more with less. Therefore, an essential component of changing organizational dynamics is holding people accountable to stated goals.

Accountability should be embedded throughout the continuous improvement cycle. Holding your community as responsible for people metrics as they are for other types of measures can substantially enhance your organization’s culture and climate. Periodic surveying and trending over time are among the best ways to instill accountability.