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Need a roadmap for your organization's success? No matter your size, industry or location, your journey will begin and end with your people. That's where we come in.

As Organizational Development (OD) experts, we help you unleash the power of your people and eliminate barriers to their success. We do so through a continuous process of assessment, analysis, action planning and measurement.

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Who We Are

Founded in 2004, ModernThink is an organizational development and management consulting firm with particular expertise in improving workplace quality, stakeholder engagement and overall outcomes. We help leaders take their businesses from Good to Great.

Our work is strongly anchored by our mission to change the world one workplace at a time. We partner with a wide range of organizations ranging from small companies to entire state university systems to law firms of varying sizes to large hospital systems to others.

We help each client understand employees’ and other stakeholders’ perceptions of its organization’s leadership , policies and practices, and day-to-day environment. Ultimately, working with ModernThink, our customers transform their culture and climate into sustainable competitive advantages.

What We Do

Our core competency is helping organizations assess and then improve their culture and climate. During the assessment phase, we gather feedback from key stakeholders including organizational leadership, employees, and other stakeholders including students, patients and/or customers. We then provide detailed feedback on our findings including:

  • Summarizing and synthesizing key themes, patterns and trends
  • Highlighting strengths and weaknesses
  • Uncovering potential risks
  • Discussing what peers do when faced with similar challenges

Our ultimate goals are to recommend a path forward based on your organization’s specific results, start strategic planning to address key areas and help you implement best practices to improve your culture and climate.

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Indicators of a Culture of Innovation

By Helene Wiswall Perdue, OD Consultant, ModernThink As a function of our work in higher education, we see many strategic plans.  Most of these plans contain some sort of organizational commitment, initiative, or objective related to creating and supporting a culture of innovation.  At some institutions, this commitment manifests itself in the formation of an […]

A Great Place to Work Begins with Great Leadership

By Richard Boyer, Senior Consultant, ModernThink This past December, ModernThink partnered with The Chronicle of Higher Education to create a free report on workplace quality based on the past 9 years of data from the Great Colleges to Work For® program. This report was circulated to college and university presidents nationwide. It explored how college […]

The Pursuit of Happiness (in the Workplace)

“The purpose of life is not to be happy—but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you lived at all.”  ― Leo Rosten, teacher, academic, writer, humorist It has been scientifically proven that happy workers make the best workers. Recognizing the grand impact of higher productivity, many workplaces […]

Is There A Place For Open-Source Textbooks In Higher Education?

By Richard Boyer, Senior Consultant, ModernThink For decades, a leading complaint among college students has been the price of textbooks. If they purchase all of their required books brand new, the bill each full-time semester generally hovers somewhere around $500-600, or roughly $80 to $100 for each required book given a course load of four […]

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